I am honoured to be Labor's candidate in the next federal election for the seat of Banks, the place I grew up in and the place I love.  The seat of Banks, in Sydney's southern suburbs, is a microcosm of all of the beautiful diversity we have in modern Australia.

I was born at St. George hospital and grew up in Mortdale, Penshurst and Peakhurst.  I went to Mortdale Public School, then Penshurst and Kogarah Marist Brothers.  I was a scout at 1st Mortdale in Pitt Street, where I was very bad at knots and very good at giving the Leaders headaches!  It's sad that the old scout hall is now a block of units!

My Mum and Dad moved to Mortdale from south India in the mid 1970s, and I was born a year later.  Back then we were one of the only families in the area with dark skin, and to buy spices for curries Mum and Dad had to travel to Bondi.  Times have certainly changed!

You may have bought milk or petrol from me when I worked at BP in Riverwood while I was at Uni, but I've spent most of my working life speaking up for other people as a trade union official with the bank workers union.  

In 2009 I married the love of my life, Kate, and in 2013 and 2017 my beautiful daughters Milly and Edie were born.  I love our wonderful country, and have had a very lucky and blessed life.  

I'm passionate about ensuring that every person can have a strong voice in the halls of power -- whether that's fighting to keep your job, standing up to a bully or making sure government hears you.

Most of all I believe that we all do better when we back each other in.  To stand in solidarity with each other, and to lend a hand wherever we possibly can.

On this site I hope to talk about the issues and campaigns that I care deeply about, and perhaps inspire you to join me in the ongoing fight for an Australia that puts equality, opportunity, and the community interests at the heart of our public discussions and decisions.