New HealthOne Centre for Peakhurst


A Shorten Labor Government will partner with NSW Labor to deliver much needed health services in Sydney’s south west by investing in a new integrated HealthOne facility.

Federal Labor will spend $10 million to establish the new HealthOne service - which brings together general practice and state-funded primary and community health care services – in Peakhurst..


Chris Gambian, Labor Candidate for Federal Parliament (Banks) said “the opening of a new HealthOne facility in Peakhurst will provide locals with a high quality medical centre, which will operate 24 hours a day.”

Currently this area is extremely underserviced in terms of health services. The nearest hospitals are St George or Bankstown, both 30 minutes’ drive in heavy traffic.  There are no large 24 hour medical centres with allied health services within the area.

This means patients requiring basic urgent treatment have little choice but to go to a major tertiary trauma hospital and often spend hours in overcrowded emergency departments. 

“It will also provide additional primary and community health care services.  Both of these measures will take pressure off our local hospitals by preventing unnecessary visits to emergency departments.” Mr. Gambian said.

A new HealthOne facility in Peakhurt or Peakhurst Heights would service the growing populations in Riverwood, Narwee, Beverly Hills, Lugarno, Peakhurst, Peakhurst Heights, Mortdale, Penshurst and Oatley.

HealthOne clinicians work in collaborative teams to provide prevention, early intervention and continuing, comprehensive primary health care. 

But instead of investing in new services like this one, all the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government has done is cut from NSW hospitals – slashing $17.2 million from South Western Sydney Hospitals alone.

That’s equivalent to 26,000 emergency department visits or 42,000 outpatient appointments.  It could also pay for 48 nurses, 660 knee replacements or nearly 5000 cataract extractions.

Mr. Gambian argues that the people of Sydney’s south west deserve better. 

He also stated that “governing is about priorities, and today’s announcement demonstrates yet again that a Shorten Labor Government will always put the wellbeing and interests of everyday people above that of big business and the very wealthy.”

Labor will reverse the Liberal public hospital cuts with our $2.8 billion Better Hospitals Fund, to ensure and ensure our emergency departments and hospital wards have the doctors, nurses and hospital staff to keep up with record demand.

We can afford to protect Medicare and fix our hospitals because we are tackling unfair tax loopholes and making multinationals pay their fair share.