Banks candidate wants every kid to reach their potential

“I am the product of parents who worked their whole lives to educate me; and teachers and schools that went beyond the call to help me reach my potential” said Chris Gambian, who was preselected unopposed as Labor’s candidate in the federal seat of Banks last week.

Chris, 39, whose parents migrated to Australia in 1975, grew up in Penshurst and Peakhurst, and attended Mortdale Public School, then Penshurst and Kogarah Marist Brothers.  He has worked as an advocate and campaigner in the union movement, and more recently has owned his own small consulting business.

“Labor says every kid should get the best possible education: more teachers, better text books, more 1:1 attention for kids who need it.  I think that’s a pretty basic Australian value, but the Turnbull Government have pulled real dollars out of our local schools.”

“What could Padstow Park Primary, or Narwee Public, or my old schools, Mortdale Public and Penshurst Marist Brothers do with 4 extra teachers?  That’s roughly the equivalent of what Mr Turnbull has pulled out of every one of our schools in the area.”

‘That’s $15 million gone from the area in school funding: that’s a lot of lamington drives to make up the shortfall”

“Our young people are struggling to get a job, and they need more and more qualifications to even get a look in; kids growing up in our area have to move away if they’re to have any chance at buying a house; and families are still struggling with the cost of living, especially on things like childcare” Chris said.

“Government’s job is to help every Australian reach their full potential: because that’s good for all of us in the end.

When my little girl is old enough to go to school I want her to have teachers who have the time and resources to help her achieve her best.

And in that, I don’t think I’m all that unusual” he said.